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How to Send Emails to a Specific Group of Contacts with Contact List Pro?

Ongoing communication with customers is very important for business growth. Well-organized email communication can not only save your time but also keep clients always engaged in your industry. In fact, there are many other advantages, too. And one of them is a fast and easy operation. The process of sending emails can be even faster than you think when creating a certain group and sending emails to the group members simultaneously. If you seek to complete a great email campaign on your WordPress site then you will highly benefit from the Contact List Pro plugin. It will not only help you to list any kind of contacts but also send bulk emails.

So, in this article, we are going to learn how to send emails to a specific group of contacts with the Contact List Pro plugin in 3 easy steps.

Advantages of Bulk Email

Emails are fast, effective, accessible, and portable. The main benefits of Email include:

  • You can complete an immediate outreach. In this way, you can easily compose, send, then receive direct messages from your targeted audience.
  • Emails are accessible in any geographical zone. Also, sending and receiving emails is not limited to the date and time of the country.
  • You are able to track the sent message’s outcomes and keep the received ones as a record.
  • Email can be sent to a certain targeted audience group which is not only fast and easy but also benefits your company’s sales. For instance, you can inform the people of your chosen specific group about your monthly offers and discounts. That is why listing your contacts is an important strategy for email marketing.

So, taking into account all of these advantages especially the effectiveness of bulk emails you should use the Contact List Pro plugin to create a specific targeted group and send emails to them in just 3 steps.

What is the Contact List Pro Plugin?

Contact List Pro plugin

The WordPress Contact List plugin is initially foreseen for easy contact management and listing process. It offers both Free and Pro versions approving fast contact searching, filtering, and sending options.

Being mainly a directory plugin the Contact List Pro includes also a bulk email sending feature through the ready-made form available directly in the front end. Also, it includes the reCAPTCHA option which prevents spammy actions. Due to the plugin’s advanced settings both the users and your site visitors are able to connect to the available contacts featured on the Directory page. For this, you are not required to activate 3-rd party add-ons and tools.

If you think about contact confidentiality then the plugin also provides this feature. Even though you can send emails to the listed contacts the email addresses are fully concealed. This is to prevent email spam.

Additionally, one of the most convenient things about this plugin is that the emails can be sent in bulk mode or to a specific group of contact simultaneously.

So, in the next paragraphs, we will learn how to create certain groups of contacts and send emails to them with ease.

How to Send Emails to a Specific Group of Contacts with Contact List Pro?

In order to make this action you should have the Contact List Pro version activated. To do so, you must follow the below-mentioned actions:

  • Download the zip file after purchasing one of the Pro plans of the Contact List plugin.
  • Move to the Plugins Directory from your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  • Tap the “Upload Plugin” button by uploading the said zip file.
  • Install the plugin and enjoy its seamless features.

After activating the plugin, you can send emails to a specific group of contacts in 3 simple steps.

1. How to Add Contacts with Contact List Pro?

To send emails to contacts you need to have them added to your website through the Contact List plugin. There are two ways to do this:

  • Adding contacts manually
  • Importing contacts from CSV file

If you want to add contacts manually, then you should follow the below-mentioned points:

  1. Enter the “Add New” section from the Contact List Pro’s submenu.
Add New Contact - Contact List Pro
  1. Fill in the following details:
    • First / Last names
    • Job title
    • Phone number
    • Social Media account links (Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
    • Address
    • Custom fields
    • Additional information
Add New Contact - Contact List Pro
  1. Publish the contact.
  2. Copy the contact shortcode and paste it into a post or page where you want to display it.
Contact Shortcodes

2. How to Make a Group for Sending Emails?

In order to group contacts in a specific list you should enter the “Groups” submenu and fill in the needed information:

Create New Group - Contact List Pro
  • Name that determines how your group will appear on your website
  • Slug which is the name’s URL version
  • Parent group
  • The Description that might be displayed by a certain theme describing the group
Create New Group - Contact List Pro

In order to put contacts to a certain group, you should enter a contact added with the plugin, then choose the group name from the list.

Adding Contacts to Groups

3. Send Emails to Contacts in a Specific Group

In your last step, you should send emails directly to your group contacts. In order to do this you need to enter the “Send Email” section from your Contact List plugin’s submenu.

Send Email- Contact List Pro
  1. Here you will notice the available groups. You need to select one of the groups that you want to send an email to.
  2. Then you have to fill in the required details, such as:
    • Subject – including the main purpose of your email.
    • Sender name
    • Sender email
    • Message – this is the main part of your email. Here you should type the email body.
    • Click on the “Send” button.
Send Email to Contacts with Contact List Pro

The contacts in the selected group will receive your message in an instant.

Additionally, you may restrict the recipients to a specific group.

Restrict Resipients

To Wrap Things Up…

Conducting a great Email Marketing strategy is a big step toward your business growth. And the direct way to successful results is sending fast yet effective messages to your selected target audience. In this case, sending emails to a big group of contacts will not only save your time but also lead to the campaign’s maximum result.

In this article, we have detected the Contact List Pro plugin with its feature of sending emails to a specific group of contacts simultaneously. The process is very simple with the guide provided above. In a few minutes, you will have an organized contact list managed in groups accurately. So, with just one click, your chosen clients can be informed about your business news, offers, etc. This is one of the biggest advantages of this WordPress contact list manager plugin available at an affordable price.

So, activate the WordPress Contact List Pro plugin and enjoy sending bulk emails with ease.