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Best Meet the Team Page Examples | 2024

Just a face behind the employee’s name and the online company becomes a real one for the visitor. This is the “Meet the Team” page’s best advantage. Any time people working in a single company are as important as the branch of industry the company presents. So, the “Meet the Team” pages are a great addition to the “About” page where people get acquainted with some introductory about the company. Moreover, these pages raise trust and credibility for the company especially when scams and phishing are becoming more and more common on an online platform.

But how to add this page and what are the best “Meet the Team” page examples? Luckily, if you use WordPress then finding a great plugin for this is not a problem, at all.

Keep reading the article to know the newest trends!

What is the “Meet the Team” Page?

Our first stop will be identifying what is the “Meet the Team” page and what are the use cases.

So, a meet the team page is all about the people with whom your business grows every single day. That is why, these people are the direct contacts with your company’s customers, target audience, and the market itself. The page is about your company so it can be located on the subpage of the “About Us” page. Thus, the visitors can see the company’s team who is actually standing about the final result of a product or a service they see on your website.

Also, there are no straight criteria to create a “Meet the Team” page. The sky is the limit for your creativity and imagination. Yet, the one factor you need to take into account is creating this page based on your brand and website design.

Advantages of “Meet the Team” Pages

“Meet the Team” pages have a wide range of advantages. For instance, having your employees featured on your website will benefit the business-to-customer relationship. This is because your employees deal with your customers face-to-face. So, your clients will be more confident to convert to your products or services when seeing a face that is familiar to them.

In addition to this big benefit, crewing up your employees and showing their personalities on your website will raise your colleagues’ confidence and motivation to work in your company.

Summing up, the “Meet the Team” pages help to show and present your employees, raise the transparency level, and humanize your business.

Whom Should You Include on the “Meet The Team” Page?

When it comes to the personality presentation it is extremely important to understand who should be included on this page to make it serve its initial purpose. So, if your company is a small startup then you can surely list every single employee with their contact information, give their personality identification, highlight their sphere of proficiency, etc.

Otherwise, if your company is big consisting of more than 1000 employees then you can not dedicate hundreds of pages to present all of them. So, it will be perfect to present only the leadership team for each department.

Best Meet the Team Page Examples – What to Include on These Pages?

In fact, you can include any type of information or even a story about the employee on the “Meet the Team” page. Here are the recommended points to pay attention to:

1. Simple and Short Employee Profiles

The best “Meet the Team” page example includes not a wordy, simple, and short employee profile. This will help visitors get a better understanding of the staff member who will solve the issue or concern they have using your products or services. Here you need to remember that people like to look through short information. That is why you must insert the most important information about the staff member and keep it short for visitors to read it till the end.

One more engaging aspect is adding information about how many years a certain employee works in the sphere. For some customers, this means a lot when contacting a professional.

Here you can watch the example of the Space Agency.

Best Meet the Team Page Examples - Space Agency

2. Employee’s Contact Details

In order to enable the potential client to directly connect with your employees it is important to add personal contact details for each worker. This assists the customers to reach the right person who will meet their issue in the correct way. The common points that are included on the employee’s contact card are his physical and email addresses, the sphere of proficiency, the best time for calls or connections, etc.

Here is a very trendy example from Your Logo offering to connect the team members via Email or Call and using a great avatar for impressive visualization:

Best Meet the Team Page Examples - Your Logo

3. Stories and Specific Facts about the Employee

One of the engaging and eye-catchy components of the best “Meet the Team” page examples is the fun stories about the employee. This makes the boring reading process more pleasant and informative. In this way, you will humanize your company’s profile virtually. If we consider that on an online platform, we have quite fewer chances to impress with gestures or show feelings this is a great thing to include on your “Meet the Team” page.

So, this is what inspired the team of Cloud Horizon to add the worker’s childhood image on the rotating side of the personal card of any employee. This tells about their childhood dream profession.

Best "Meet the Team" Page Examples - Cloud Horizon

4. High-Quality Employee Images For Great Visualization

The majority of people tend to see more visuals rather than listening to audio or reading something. Here is when adding an image of your employee will come in handy. It benefits your website’s UI. Besides, the visitors will be familiar with the face of an employee he is going to deal with. Adding high-quality images or avatars to your “Meet the team” page will mean you care about your business and brand, as well as want to approve the best user experience on your website.

Here is an example of a good “Meet the Team” page from RNO1 where each of the employee’s photos has a hover effect matching the company’s brand design.

Best "Meet the Team" Page Examples - RNO1

5. Social Media URLs

Today almost everyone uses Social Networks not only for entertainment but also for professional achievement. So, linking your employee’s LinkedIn or the Twitter page will redirect potential users to connect with them on Social Media. This in its turn, will alternatively keep your potential customers connected on an online platform. You can use specific Social Media icons for each URL. Also, a widely spread example is adding text for a URL or combining the icon-text combination.

For instance, the Safari Tours Company chooses to add the workers’ Facebook and YouTube Profiles.

Best "Meet the Team" Page Examples  Safari Tours

Which Tool to Choose for Building a “Meet the Team” Page on WordPress?

WordPress gives you a wide variety of plugin choices to build a “Meet the Team” page. In this article, we are going to present a great all-in-one Contact List Pro plugin for building this unique type of staff directory on your WordPress site.

Best Meet the Team Page with Contact List Pro Plugin

Both free and pro users may highly benefit from this directory plugin. With it, you can build:

  • Fascinating Meet the Team page
  • WordPress address book
  • Business directory
  • Staff list
  • Phone book
  • Church directory, etc.

The Contact List Pro plugin gives an opportunity to list your business employee’s contact details, upload a unique avatar for the worker’s profile and add additional information if needed. With this plugin, you can send direct emails from the front end. This option speaks for itself confirming the Contact List Pro plugin’s user-friendly feature.

To save time you can import data including your employees’ most important contact and other details from a CSV file or form that has public accessibility.

If you do not want to invest in the “Meet the Team” page-building tool then you can still enjoy many free functions of the Contact List Plugin. But if you seek more advanced features, then you can purchase the plugin’s pro version at this pricing:

  • Personal – $59.99
  • Professional – $79.99
  • Business – $99.99

Working with this plugin does not necessarily require programming knowledge. The contact-adding process is quite simple and quick. As a result, you will get a unique and special “Meet the Team” page on WordPress.

To Wrap Things Up…

So, a Meet the Team page is the first impression the users get when entering your website and navigating your products or services. Then it is one of the key factors in the possible conversions and obtaining loyal customers. These kinds of pages are meant to reveal more information about the company’s founders, show the main purposes of the business and lead a sudden visitor to become a business client.

And what are the trends of the “Meet the Team” pages? Here we have concluded that an informative page should include:

  • Brief information about the employee including contact information, work experience level, and Social Media URLs.
  • Funny facts or a long story of the employee’s life.
  • Personal images or avatars.
  • Social Media Links to keep customers connected on Social Networks, too.

And if you wonder how to find a great tool that will have all these features combined. So, we recommend you a great contact manager plugin – Contact List Pro which is feature-rich enough to meet all your expectations.