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How to Grow Your Contact List in 2024

Despite the fact that Social Media has certainly developed in the last years the biggest role in business promotion is still given to Email. Being constantly growing Email marketing opens new prospects for your business by generating qualified leads that will serve as a great customer base for future marketing campaigns. This indicates that you need to keep your contact list always up to date with fresh contact data of those who can be considered interested users.

The list that you have built before is already a part of your CRM but it is always important to review the contact lists in order to spend campaign resources in a useful way. Over time, people may change their Emails or user names or delete them permanently. So, your contact list should be changed and updated correspondingly. Not only it is essential to update the existing ones but it is also recommended to grow the list year after year. This is a big identifier of your business development. So, in this article, we are going to find out the ways how to grow your contact list in 2024.

Why Contact List is the Meat of the Matter of Your Business?

According to statistics, the highest Return on Investment score belongs to Email Marketing as compared to Social Media campaigns. This is because people enter your website, blog, or other pages, move to a conversion step by clicking on a link or a button to add to your website pages and leave their Email addresses or other contact information there. This speaks about a high-interest level among the converted customers revealing the fact that these users are more likely to become paying loyal customers.

So, it definitely makes sense to fill in and grow your contact list right now. And how to do this? Read the upcoming paragraphs to get interesting tips.

How to Grow Your Contact List in 2024?

How to Grow Contact List in 2023

If you happened to get some contacts in your list then you have successfully completed the starter stage of building a successful email list. Now you have a mission to engage more and more contacts in the list and bring the connection between your business and users to the next level.

At this point, you will get valuable tips to grow your contact list in 2024.

1. Segmented Email Marketing Campaigns

There are multiple ways you can conduct successful marketing campaigns. One of them is sending automated emails to your business segment. Next, you can offer valuable free content to the contact list members. Another way is sending promotional emails to engage more customers and schedule online meetings with them.

Yet, it is worth mentioning that your emails have to present stable value meaning that emails should not always try to sell something to customers. People can be bored of constant selling messages which in its turn, will lead to a low open rate for your newsletter. Instead, you should mix up informational, promotional, and selling content to reach the desired outcomes.

Besides, you do not have to send each message to each contact on your list. It is highly recommended to segment your contact list to send personalized and interesting Email messages to your contacts.

2. Add a Contact Form on Your Website

In this step, you need to mix valuable content on your website with a contact form offered below. Both are closely related to one another. The users will find your website content exciting and subscribe or leave contact details to receive further updates through Email. A thing to remember when building a contact form on your website is to keep it short and simple by just including those questions that are strongly connected to their contact information. In this way, you will not scare users off filling in your contact form.

3. Have Good Use of Social Media

Social Media is more than just a space where people “kill time”. Many companies make millions of dollars in revenue through Social Networks. They are super exciting tools to grow your contact list, as well. So, if you do not have a “Subscribe now” or “Register now” button then it is high time you added it to engage not only new subscribers but also those who follow your page but have not registered their contact information in your list.

4. Organize Open Houses

Open houses are a unique lead magnet strategy. Here you can generate high-quality leads able to convert with your business after a while. By organizing open houses you need to make sure that you have gained contact information from participants in order not to lose them after the event. Next, you will have to follow up on them to bring the connection between your business and customers to the next level.

5. Engage New Contact through Traditional Marketing Strategies

Here you might ask – how to digitalize the customers engaged in your business offline. So, we offer you to add your website and blog URLs to a QR code on the printed documents and paper. In this way, interested customers will get an opportunity to scan the QR code and subscribe to your business updates online.

6. Find Out New Contacts in Offline Events

Offline events such as meetings, courses, conferences, etc. highly benefit the collection of new contacts for your email list. Try to use one of the most powerful strategies in business growth which is the Word of Mouth Marketing.

7. Promote Your Website or Emails in Video Descriptions

If you have a channel on YouTube or Vimeo then you can highly benefit from your videos’ descriptions. Here you are able to mention the URLs to move the users to a place where they can leave their contact details. This will not only bring good traffic to your website but will also effectively grow your contact list with qualified and interested clients.

8. Never Buy a Ready-Made Contact List

It seems like directly buying a full ready-made contact list is simple, quick, and effective. In fact, it never works as it has been predicted. First, it is not as cheap as you might think, as you actually buy a set database with lots of contact information in it. Next, you can never guarantee good results from a cold audience that is in reality not familiar with your emails’ tone of voice. In this way, you may even hurt your company’s reputation.

And finally, you have to get an allowance for sending them emails in order not to violate Email’s anti-spam regulation.

How to Build an All-In-One Contact List on WordPress?

If you wonder how to build an attractive contact directory on your WordPress site then you should know about a great comprehensive contact manager called Contact List plugin.

Contact List Plugin How to Grow Your Contact List in 2023

Both the plugin’s free and pro versions enable you to create and manage a WordPress address book, business directory, phonebook, staff list, yellow page, etc. The contacts will be listed in a user-friendly and simple way. You may directly connect the members of the list from the front end.

And if you have completed a contact list on another platform then you can import it in the CSV file format. As well as you can export the listing built with this plugin to use it anywhere you want.

Steps to Make a Contact List

First things first, you need to activate the plugin on WordPress. After that, you can move forward to create your contact directory.

To do so, you need to enter the Dashboard of the Contact List directory plugin and tap the “Add New” button. In the opening window, you will find all the required default and custom fields to fill in your new contact. The fields include:

  • First and Last names
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Social Media URL fields (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram)
Contact List Plugin Fields
  • Physical address box
  • 6 custom fields
  • Additional information about the contact
Contact List Plugin Fields

Once you filled in all the boxes with contact information, you can publish it. For smooth operation, the plugin developers offer to benefit from built-in shortcodes for each contact separately. All you need to do is copy and paste the shortcode of a newly added component to your WordPress site’s posts or pages and your contact list will be ready in just a few minutes.

Contact list Plugin Shortcodes

With the WordPress Contact List plugin, contact updates are a matter of a few clicks. You need to just send an update request and the contact will get updated. This is an extremely important feature if we take into account the vitality of up-to-date contact lists.

Contact Updates with Contact List Pro

Also, you can group your contacts for more result-orientated strategies.

Contact Groups in Contact List Plugin

To Wrap Things Up…

To wrap things up, there is a wide variety of strategies and tactics to grow your contact list in 2024. Contact lists have a prior impact on your business growth. So, the ideal way to reach long-term success is to grow your contact list and network on a regular basis.

First, you need to make sure that you have a precise and up-to-date contact database. Then you need to be consistent and interesting to your company’s clients. This can be done by organizing offline and online events, promotional meetings, Social Media forums, Email Marketing, etc. Also, it is important to constantly reach out to your contacts. While you do not need to proceed with this so often to bother your clients you have to remind them about your business on a timely basis.