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How to Update Existing Contacts with Contact List Pro in 3 Simple Ways

Contact lists and directories have a great role in keeping communication. In this digital era, when most types of services and even work are done through an online platform it is a must to have highly organized and info-rich contact directories on your website. Especially, when running an online business and dealing with staff working remotely having a contact list on your website will not only promote inner communication but also help visitors contact the staff members they want.

Yet, to avoid presenting wrong contact details that people no more use you need to keep your contact list up to date.

If your website is built with WordPress then you can get an easy solution to build a contact list on your site. You are able to do this using the Contact List Pro. The WordPress directory plugin enables you to update existing contact info in just 3 simple ways.

So, read the article till the end to learn how to update the existing contacts with Contact List Pro.

Why Do You Need To Have a Contact List on Your WordPress Site?

Having a contact list on your website works well for your company or organization. It may contain contact information, job titles, profile pictures, etc. Sometimes remembering all of these details is hard. So, contact lists help you to take the most important details about your co-workers or employees quickly.

Besides, contact lists are very handy and convenient. The information can not be lost as well as can be updated in a few clicks.

To make all these actions hassle-free you need to choose the right contact list plugin for your website. Here are the most important features, your plugin should include:

  • Easily add contacts and list them in one place
  • Multiple custom fields to enter the info you want
  • Searching based on the available filters
  • Fast update process

The 4 main features will ease your contact listing process.

So, when talking about the WordPress Contact List Pro plugin we can definitely assert that it provides all of the above mentioned features for the best user experience.

Hints About the Contact List Pro Plugin

Contact List Pro

The WordPress Contact List plugin is a multifunctional tool enabling you to build not only an exciting contact list but also an address book, and business directory by quickly managing them.

To promote external and inner communication it gives an opportunity to contact the listed people with ease directly from the front end.

Above all, the Contact List Pro plugin helps website owners to keep the contact list information updated in 3 easy ways:

  • Updating manually in the plugin’s dashboard
  • Editing contacts in the front-end
  • Requesting permanent update with URL

How to Update Existing Contacts With Contact List Pro in 3 Simple Ways?

If you are a free plan user then you can highly benefit from the manual updating process in the plugin’s dashboard. For this, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Enter your existing “Contacts” from the plugin’s dashboard.
Contacts in Contact List Pro Plugin
  • Choose the one you want to update.
  • Press the “Edit” button.
  • Start editing the needed information for the existing contact which can include:
    • First and Last names
    • Job title
    • Phone number with 3 options available
    • Email and Notification email sections
    • Social Media account URLs (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Address including your country, state, city, and postal code.
    • Custom fields if you added to your contact
    • Additional information about the contact
Edit Contact with Contact List Pro
Edit Contact with Contact List Pro

After making the needed changes you need to tap the “Update” button.

Here is how you can update the contact information for each of the included one when using the free version of the Contact list plugin.

Update Contact with Contact List Pro

Update Contacts Using the Contact List Pro Plugin

The Contact List Pro version opens a wide array of advanced features to use when building an exciting contact list on your WordPress site.

So is in the case of the contact updating process. You can get the Pro version at this affordable pricing:

  • Personal – $59.99
  • Professional – $79.99
  • Business – $99.99

So, by activating the plugin’s Pro version, you will be able to update the existing contacts literally with just one click. This can be done by an exciting feature available – “Request Update“.

Request Update with Contact List Pro

By pressing this button you will request the contacts or the set user roles to make the needed updates to the published contact information. You should only take into account giving certain roles to submit, manage, and update contacts on your website.

User Roles with Editing Access

Also, if you like your users to update the existing contacts any time they wish, you can send them a Permanent Update URL using the shortcode:

Please insert at least last name first.




All you should do is just enable the function by following these steps:

  • Enter the “Settings” section of your Contact list Pro plugin.
Contact List Pro Settings
  • Move to the “reCAPTCHA and email” section.
reCAPTCHA and email feature
  • Find the “Send a permanent update URL” feature and enable it.
Permanent Update Link With Contact List Pro Plugin

In addition, you are able to define what message your contacts or certain user roles will receive when you send the update request. The customization functions are available in the “reCAPTCHA and email” section and include the following ones:

  • Request the update mail subject, mail content, and update the link text
  • Permanent update URL mail subject, content, and the link text.
Mail Text Customization

After making all the needed changes in the “Settings” section, you need to “Save changes“.

Request Update Mail Text Customization

So, you can have an updated contact list in just a few minutes by pressing just a button to notify the user roles or contacts to edit certain contact information.

To Wrap Things up…

So, in this article, we have discussed the importance of contact lists on your website. As you understood they play a big role in building a better working atmosphere in your company or organization. Besides, it helps you to obtain the most important details about your employees that will be available and accessible anytime and anywhere you go. Thus, taking into account the contact list’s importance you must always keep them up to date and fill in the important details that have been changed over time.

Using WordPress as a CMS platform eases many activities done on your website. So, the same is in the case of the contact list update process. To make the process quick, you can just activate a great plugin called Contact List Pro. This will not only help you to easily build your desired contact list but will also enable you to update it within seconds.

So start benefiting from the best features of the Contact List Pro plugin by just purchasing one of its feature-rich packages at an affordable price!