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How to create an address book in WordPress

You can easily create an adress book in WordPress following these steps:

  1. Download the free version of Contact List
  2. Install it on your WordPress site
  3. Add some contacts with addresses from the contact management
  4. Add the shortcode [contact_list] to any page on your site
  5. Your address book is ready, in it’s simplest form

Contact management

After installing the plugin, you’ll find the contact management on All Contacts -page, under Contact List in the WordPress admin area. You can add as many contacts as you want by clicking the Add New -button.

Screenshot 1: contact management

Editing contacts

From contact management, you can open a contact for editing by clicking the contact’s name. Then the following view will be opened:

Screenshot 2: edit a contact

You can fill in the data that is essential for you (there are more fields below). Only the last name -field is mandatory. After you publish the contact, the data will be publicly listed on your site.

Adding the address book on a page

After you have added the necessary contact and their address data, you can add the shortcode [contact_list] to the editor of any page or post. When you open the page after saving, the address book is there.