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Custom Post Type (CPT)

The contacts are saved in a custom post type named "contact".

You can loop the contacts in a PHP template using WP_Query or get_posts().

It's also possible to get and manipulate the contact data using the built-in functions of WordPress: get_post_meta() and update_post_meta()

The contact data is saved in the following fields:

Field title Field name
Prefix _cl_name_prefix
First name _cl_first_name
Middle name _cl_middle_name
Last name _cl_last_name
Suffix _cl_name_suffix
Job title _cl_job_title
Email _cl_email
Notify emails _cl_notify_emails
Phone 1 _cl_phone
Phone 2 _cl_phone_2
Phone 3 _cl_phone_3
LinkedIn URL _cl_linkedin_url
Twitter URL _cl_twitter_url
Facebook URL _cl_facebook_url
Instagram URL _cl_instagram_url
Country _cl_country
State _cl_state
City _cl_city
Address line 1 _cl_address_line_1
Address line 2 _cl_address_line_2
Address line 3 _cl_address_line_3
Address line 4 _cl_address_line_4
Custom field 1 _cl_custom_field_1
Custom field 2 _cl_custom_field_2
Custom field 3 _cl_custom_field_3
Custom field 4 _cl_custom_field_4
Custom field 5 _cl_custom_field_5
Custom field 6 _cl_custom_field_6
Google Maps iframe code _cl_map_iframe
Additional information _cl_description